Mixed media on canvas

Exhibition at BIKINI Berlin



Art video exhibited at Oyoun, Berlin 2021

Introspection, 2021

Exhibited at BIKINI Berlin, studio183

Group show at Lite-haus Berlin, 2020


Group show at Lite-Haus gallery Berlin, 2020


Solo exhibition "Your own reflection" at Cogalleries, Berlin 2020


Wall exhibited at BIKINI Berlin



Group show at Art number 23, Athens 2021

Upcoming exhibition

Bikini Berlin, studio 183, 2021


Die Natur der Dinge

Video projection, Group show at Project Space Kimgo Berlin, 2020

Your own reflection

Solo exhibition at Cogalleries, Berlin

Playing with indifference

Video projection at Project KIMGO Berlin, 2020


Atelier 3+10 Venice, 2020

"Your own reflection"

Solo show at Cogalleries Berlin, 2020


             Exhibition at Studio183, BIKINI Berlin, 2021

             Virtual group show at Oyoun, Berlin 2021

Group show at Lite-Haus, Berlin 2020

Group show at 8rooms Gallery, Berlin 2020

Group show at art number 23, Greece 2020

Group show "Die Natur der Dinge" at Project Space KIMGO, Berlin 2020

Exhibition in cooperation with Lucas Ngo, "Playing with indifference" at Cogalleries Berlin 2020

Group show at Atelier 3+10, Venice 2020

Solo show "Your own reflection" at Cogalleries, Berlin 2020

Performance at Benhadj&Djilali Museum "One day Berlin", 2019

Performance and video installation at Luzia Bar, Berlin 2019

Dance performance at Dock11, Pool festival Berlin 2018

VR dance experience at Tech Open Air Festival, Berlin 2018