2022 : Cofounder of STUDIO SCH, agency of communication and artistic collaborations; Cofounder of the Art & Music festival “Lust in Sarreguemines, event manager & booking at the “Collective for a European Civic Service”association; Freelance artist: latest shows at : Lust in Sarreguemines Festival, France; The Ballery, Berlin, Germany; LIGHTYEAR “Spirituality of Movement”,Dumbo Brooklyn, Manhattan Bridge; GlogauAir Berlin,Germany; Cultural French Center, Berlin,Germany; La Cantine d’Augusta, Berlin, Germany

2018-2021 : Graduation Master of Arts and Interaction Design, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany; Art direction & production at Brain&heart : CMEM X BMW : Eprix Paris, France; Promo video label Dinisnoise records, Beirut/Berlin; Video premiere label Dance Artifakts, brooklyn/Berlin; Promo video fashion Brand Tata Christiane; Freelance visual artist & dancer : Pool film festival, Dock11 Berlin, Germany; Benhadj&Djilali Museum, Berlin, Germany; Tech Open Air festival, Berlin, Germany; Gallery Weekend Berlin, Germany; Art residencies: Cogalleries, Berlin, Germany; Atelier 3+10, Venice, Italy; Oyoun,Cultural center, Berlin,Germany; L’OpenBach Gallery, Paris, France

Production of artworks exhibited in Cogalleries Berlin, Germany; PROJECT SPACE KIMGO, Berlin, Germany; Atelier 3+10 Gallery space Venice,Italy; Art number 23, Athens, Greece; Lite-haus Berlin, Germany; Eight rooms Gallery, Berlin, Germany; Studio183 Berlin, Germany; Haze Gallery, Berlin, Germany; GlogauAir, Berlin, Germany; Cultural French Center, Berlin, Germany; The Ballery, Berlin, Germany; l’OpenBach Gallery, Paris, France; L’expressoir, Marnay-sur-seine, France; The Holy Art, London, UK; La Cantine d’Augusta, Berlin, Germany; Direkte Auktion, Berlin, Germany; SCOPE Berlin, Germany; LIGHTYEAR “Spirituality of Movement”,Dumbo Brooklyn, Manhattan Bridge