"Territories" is a performance art installation that invites to experience proxemics, the study of human use of space and its impact on  behavior and interaction.

How does space influence our ways of interaction? What is our relation to space, our personal space and between each other? Studying space, distance and proximity is one way to explore the relationship between performer and spectator, the boundaries of space and intimacy in performance.​

Sound : Farah Hazim
Dancers : Andrea Galad and Cille Sch


One day Berlin - Space Unknown

Space Unknown is a performance art piece and participatory experience by Cille Sch, in collaboration with Giorgia Calliari as part of the One Day - Berlin Art Exhibitions by Adrian Luz at the Benhadj & Djilali Museum.

Cille Sch revisits the installation created by Adrian Luz, playing with its perception by modifying its physical aspect and questioning how it can impact our behaviour towards an unknown space and between each other.

Space Unknown is an ephemeral space that blurs delimitations and eventual boundaries. It gives a different approach to the topic - Borders, trying to perceive the space and its content without any restrictions.

About the exhibition:
One Day Berlin is an exhibition by Adrian Luz about Borders, Walls and Human Division trying to shed light on the already existing wall between Mexico and the US.

It is an art project about transcending social and cultural barriers through artistic and cultural events as vectors for positive social change.


Vogue Italia 

Photographer Hernan Regiardo

Direction and production by me



48H Film Festival : Scriptwriting and set design

Prices : Best writing, best regie, best camera, best cut, best man Hauptrolle

I0//0I is a virtual reality dance experience which has been part of TOA (Europe's leading interdisciplinary technology festival) in Berlin. The project tackles the idea of the interaction of human and artificial consciousness.

In collaboration with Omar Elkammar, Theerawat Klangjareonchai and Jian Zih-Yao

Funkhaus, Berlin

Dance and choreography by me