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Camille Schaeffer or Cille Sch is a French artist based in Berlin. The core of her work explores the connection between artistic production and its unique relationship to the creation of fiction(s). More specifically, Cille Sch is interested in how these created fictions and subsequent notions of perception and understanding come into being.  As an artist, performer and creative director, Cille Sch is fascinated by the interaction between the body and space, and use this interface as a means of fundamentally exploring and reflecting on societal norms and constructs. Inherent in this activity is the questioning of identity, and the way in which we understand ourselves in relationship to others and that of broader culture. 


The performative aspect of her practice centers around our reaction to cultural ideals as well as the struggles we encounter when either applying them to our everyday lives or understanding the psychological and emotional ramifications they carry. By creating an installation or performing in a specific space, Cille Sch seeks to change that space, communicate her own interaction with the world, and create a dialogue between various outputs that interfere with the usual order of things.


The body and its relationship to formal and aesthetic elements inherent in the spaces she construct becomes the physical manifestation of these ideas. Often taking the form of the surreal and the extraterrestrial, these installations allow for the exploration of imaginary space, free of many of the aforementioned constructs—social roles, gender norms, borders.  It is a physical manifestation of the ideas of non-conformity and utopian existence without prejudice, hate, violence, pressures and expectations. Her work aims to give this feeling of freedom and self-exploration to the viewers who experience it.

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